Aerial Photo Editing

Aerial Photo Editing

Aerial photographs of real estate constructions not just help an agent impress his customers with exceptional images, but also let potential buyers have a clear and detailed aerial view of the property before buying. While many real estate dealers seek professional help and spend fortunes in getting the aerial photography done, they are still not that satisfied with the quality of the images with a tree obstructing the view, a bird taking away the charm of the picture of maybe the unflattering angle from where the image was taken. This is where the professional expertise of aerial photo editing services comes as a rescue.

We offer professional aerial photo capturing and editing services for residential and commercial real estate constructions to provide our clients with lucrative and comprehensive images of the building. We utilize cutting-edge photo editing software and technologies to make sure that the pictures come flawless minus any antenna, satellite, tree or bird obstructing the view.

Our array of skilled aerial photo editing services includes features like:

  • Adding trees and grass to a dry and barren landscape
  • Removing power poles, trees or transmission lines
  • Adding road names and compass graphic for image orientation
  • Correcting stains and discoloration signs from the rooftop
  • Adjusting the light of an aerial photograph
  • Marking the aerial photograph with project name and particulars

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